EvyLaure’s story started with an office opened in Paris. Established with a multinational partnership structure, EvyLaure takes into account the common points of the social and cultural needs of different societies in 3 continents. It offers a wide range of products with more than 3000 products in make-up, cosmetics, perfume, bags, bronze jewelry and watch product groups. Evy Laure MLM (Multi Level Marketing), which establishes sales organizations according to the conditions of its countries, operates in the fields of retailing and online sales.

Our company, constantly develops new products throughout the year with its product development and design team, also provides design and collection creation services to other companies. EvyLaure, has made a name for itself in the world in a short time, and has achieved its economic independence by constantly expanding its product range thanks to the power of its research and development’s team creativity, and has adopted the principle of meeting fashion, accessory, perfume and personal care needs of women and men who care for themselves and those around them.

The EvyLaure brand defines its mission as “bringing the French elegance and quality understanding, which is not a luxury, to more people“. We design all products that can be used in daily and special days, from the packaging to the content, without sacrificing quality.

Our vision is to develop solutions for lifestyles that changes rapidly, to develop solutions in line with the vision of our brand, to make this change felt in its products, to become a brand that touches people’s lives globally and improves their quality of life without losing its innovative spirit.

Perfume (40)

Make Up (134)

Cosmetics (78)


Bag (74)