Cosmos is a Greek origin word meaning “beautification”. The name cosmetic derives from this word. Today, Cosmetic has been the name of all the products and processes used to gain a better and healthier appearance. Hair, body and skin care products are included in the cosmetic field.

The content of cosmetic products is very wide. Vegetable, animal oils and their byproducts, fatty acids, types of alcohol, water, powders are the raw materials of these products.

EvyLaure cosmetic products have become requisite for men, women and children all over the world. With their special ingredients and formulation, they offer professional care even when using them at home.

Cosmetics has been accepted as a sub-branch of dermatology because the products applied to the skin are absorbed by the skin and pass into the body. As EvyLaure, we handle all our cosmetic products with this guideline. EvyLaure cosmetic products contain maximum raw natural materials, you can use all our products with peace of mind.