Bronze, BC It began to be used as a royal crown and accessories for royal women in the early 3000s. This continued until gold was discovered and used as a precious metal. Bronze has been used as jewelry and accessories from the past to the present, and has been a symbol of power and wealth.
Early Bronze Age masters developed the knowledge and experience of thousands of years with skill and success, despite their simple tools. With the ideal processing possibilities provided by Bronze, which is a noble metal, small objects with fine details were produced by creating basic jewelry techniques such as filigree, inlay and carving. Bronze, which does not deteriorate, darken and decay even if it has been under the ground for thousands of years, has thus enabled the transfer of cultures to centuries later, and has proved its durability indisputably.
Evy Laure’s bronze masters also use this thousands of years of knowledge to realize models that are unique to us and suitable for today’s styles in Evy Laure workshops with handcrafting.
We produce and offer each of our products and models with the awareness and responsibility that Bronze jewelery and accessories can remain for centuries.

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